Wadau! iPhone Boot Loop after Screen Replacement

I have an IPhone 6 stuck on a boot loop after replacing the screen. The phone turns on and stays on the brings on the logo for about 6 seconds and shuts down and starts all over again. Anyone ever encountered this problem? Where in NRB CBD can u recommend nipeleke hii simu juu nateseka sana!

In box me …I will sort it for you

Ifixit wanasema as below :


[B]I figured out the problem. It was the front facing camera on the replacement screen! It would booted both with and without old camera attached to mother board. I installed the camera from old screen and boots perfectly now.

I suggest detaching camera and then proximity sensor and see if it boots if so either keep it disconnected or install old camera/ sensor from old screen.

Best of luck. 4013 I’ve learned is def a hardware issue you just gotta figure out what hardware if installed screen it is likely 1 of the 3 ribbons. Best of luck![/B]


Ume jaribu ku install drivers?

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Which drivers? I have the latest itunes, PC is updated na mac on el capitan with latest update. I have also tried several other PCs

Some People Are Generally Slow.
It was a joke, lol. Uliskia lini iPhone zikiekwa drivers? Kuwa msmarter msee

Hii iiaiirtiiiiiiiiiii

Sasa na hiyo ujuaji yako ya iphones si usaidie

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Anafaa are battery aume ume