Wadau…njooni…So,Kuna huyu sichana nimkula mara mbili,and last thursday being the second, i munched her dwy fwy and we separated back to our daily business.

Leo amenitumia picha kuwa she has been expecting her periods to no vain.I suggested aendee pregnancy test kit of which after test amenitumia[ Doktaris in the house can help and confirm,is it positive au negative]

After our talk,tumekubaliana tunatoa though naona amenitumia text tena she would love to keep.
Wadau, how can i go about it,kutoa that and is there like legal and safe ways of going about it and what’s the cost?
Ningependa niitoe before one month iishe,will it be possible?[ATTACH=full]426631[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]426632[/ATTACH]

Enda Marie stopes

Hapo naona line moja,ama sijaosha mazuri leo ???



Itabidi uitwe Daddy. Anza budget ya diapers.

Bro clarification,from the pic are they two lines or one…akili bado sijaamini ni two…

Then rough estimate,how much will i part with at Marie stoped?

pregnancy test postive 8 days after dwy fwy?!!! huyu alikuwa na mimba already. congratulations. you played yourself

How sure are you it’s even yours, jipende

Today is Friday,count the days vizuri nani

Ngojea dna. Miezi tisa si mingi. Raila amengoja tangu 07, and it’s finally here in his hands.

But misoprostol tabs + ranferon(instructions utapewa ukibuy.)

unateta nikama unataka huyu mtoi. congratulations basi

schupid baboon
kwanza izo ni siku ngapi?

Baba Silphrosah Achuodho

Aende Marie Stopes


Aitwe baba

Marie Stopes….budget atleast 15k will do.

Hcg appears in urine after 2 weeks minimum. Wtf fukuza hio kunguru…unabebwa ujinga…

mmtoto ni wa mungu