Wadau help decode this SMS

“poa sana atanimelala nlfika kma nime choka sana, nikalala mapema, gd9it”
: Long distance Girlfriend of 3yrs.
Events before: previous evening she tried initiating a Sms chat I told her i was still busy and would talk later but never did.
time:9pm Friday
Previous interaction: could chat upto 11pm on a work day.
Events after: all my texts were ignored despite receiving them, until next day and she has been so cold ever since.

Was it revange or something fishy going on?

Ni nani wako?


nyanya yake

ask to video call with her, pengine uliona boxer @M2Random alisahau in the background

first thing first…crew ya osungu.dll wanasija…chill kiasi…

Ya pili, it took me like 5 minutes to decipher that message in BOLD. Anyways, i digress. Back to my point. Huyu lazima alicome na mat moja na @Quanstrom aka @M2Random and she couldn’t resist to hit on him. Sadly, lazima amekamuliwa hadi settings. Tegea heka yake mblo…

Huyu anaka highschooler… Ata wako midterm nimekumbuka

She is probably sulking at the fact that you kept her at bay when she was up for the SMS chat. So now she is pulling that same card on by intentionally blackmailing you with that sort of response. If my guesses are right, she must be a young girl. Just ignore the shenanigans and you’re better off doing phone calls than SMsing all day till 11 pm

murder her… she’s probably sucking dick and using that mouth to kiss you goodnight

She is typing in dothraki ama naona zangu ?


I hate those long chats, tunachat mpaka 11pm juu mi ni idler kama @jaymoh?
Wacha aende tu akisema mi si mromantic, lakini sina hiyo time.

Love is for the birds, Mbitches need cash


Why you need long distance ? You are in North Pole?

:eek: people are gifted. I find five or six-text conversations too long


Give her the same treatment n see who bolts first


I’ve really laughed at this …now I want to re-watch GOT


Umeongea kama watu 100! Pewa tatu on my tab!!

3 years umekua ukivumilia hii uchawi?? Enyewe watu wakiitisha uvumilivu, wewe Mungu alikupea yenye imejaa ndoo