Wadau, guidance in the I.T industry

Hallo, i need assistance to know which branch in the I.T field is marketable now? Are you people working locally or globally? and if locally? which is the easiest branch kupata gigs and jobs in kenya? is it in networking, information security,cyber security? wordpress web design? please advice. Thanks…

Hallo, Info and Cyber Security is hot, but to be a specialist you need to understand networking and how systems work and that may take a while. The easiest is web and system development. I would suggest you start programming languages like python. There is also the field of Data Analytics, especially for those good with maths and statistics…

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IoT, Cloud, Android

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by a while you mean how long brother??

Just be good at whatever you feel comfortable in, nothing is easy, and all fields are good - just depends uko comfortable wapi. Lakini to succeed work more on your interpersonal/ people skills

It may be a year or more, depending on how fast you can master the basics

How can one work on people skills

IT sio career.It is a must have skill that supports other mainstream careers.Thats why sikuizi unagongana na courses mpya mpya za Economics with IT,Biotech with IT,BCom with IT nakadhalika.Mahali kuna kazi ni coding sana sana python.Fanya na uive Python 2 and 3 Object Oriented Programming uone venye remote Project ama Product management jobs zitakufwata

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