Wadau Be Careful

Nairobi clubs men bar waiters wana weza kuchunisha skuma… Went to a club along MamaNgina Avenue… Then came a male waiter… Alikuwa anataka ni M chunishe skuma.!

wololo … hahahaha Nairofi ciri here we are …

Leta hekaya vile ulichunishwa.


Fungua loho porepore


Too many fags on this forum…smh

… … I was at the counter taking my beer talking to stella… I wanted to drill her… After holding back and forth conversation with her for a while I noticed a kajamaa who had been staring at me… I beckoned him so that he could share his joy with me… Then he told me that anataka kuninyonya alafu ni mchunishe skuma… :D:D:D:DThat’s how I left without finishing my black barrel

You appear very Gay it seems.

Kwani kuna shule bado hawajarudi midterm. The fack

Juzi juzi… Si kuna mwengine who was chipod by a dude from a club kule voi…

School fees is a problem… Babaa:D:D:D

It’s the same person, anasumbua sana na multiple handles.

Hehe … hii yako ni conspiracy

@Tom Bayeye saidia bro yako apa


@admin , kindly change the name of this here shit hole to Tanyetalk.com.

Afanaaa… Mimi si huyo… I am the one and only sin eater //pill hill//