wadaku wa kenya post tuwachangie za kanga

[SIZE=7]Proof that most horny Kenyans have illicit SEX during lunchtime - Man narrates after he went to book a room with a side-chick in a city lodging[/SIZE]
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Thursday, October 3, 2019 - This starved Kenyan dude has concluded that most Kenyans have illicit sex during lunchtime after he went to book for a room with a side-chick in a city lodging and found the rooms almost full.
He almost missed a room as horny Kenyans, mainly consisting of married men, flocked the lodging to exchange fluids.
True to this guy’s observations, most lodgings in Nairobi’s CBD are almost full during lunch time as married men flock there with their side-chicks and slay queen lovers to have quickies before they go back to their wives after work.
Here’s what he posted on Kenya Talk

He even shared a photo of the side-chick he was munching.



This was my post.

There’s someone who posted a thread about sleeping with an underage girl - if that Kenyan post idiot decides to post that one then his goose will be cooked .

I’ve tried to delete that post nikashindwa

ngoja DCI wakupate nongwe hii. Utajua kenya ni ndogo

This is good marketing for kenyatalk.com

After all, no publicity is bad publicity.

It was you ?
I won’t ask you what the fuck you were thinking putting it up here and gatheca’s cyber laws are in effect already .
Talk to the staff members.

You are a new fool in Ktalk .

In 2015 I posted a thread complete with pics banging a drunk unconscious stripper at bavon , kenyapost took it up and navy seal braved it

Wacha niongee na mutu ya turedio. Lakini hiyo ng’ombe ya kupelekea mharo hekaya za kijiji should be castrated

I know how that went down - tusidanganyane priss.
Instead of telling your fellow man he can get in trouble uko hapa encouraging him with your 2015 glory years.

ango rapist

Ulikuwa wapi ukiwa underage… Underage achia underage

So you’re saying those were the pre-wall years?