Wacha Tuone

Is a chokoraa with 10 kids more alpha than CBK governor who is childless?

The more I age the more I learn to look at things from a third persona perspective, after assessing from a 1st and 2nd point of view. Then I extrapolate. For example, if someone says, ‘having several sources of income is good and a guarantee to wealth’, I’ll agree. Then I will assess the situation, look at what it entails, the energy needed to achieve the multiple income streams, the sacrifices to be made, etc, then I’ll disagree. Then switch to 3rd persona and conclude, having multiple income sources is good and maybe I was disagreeing because am lazy, but still conclude wealth is a state of mind and not financially.

Back to the main point, is a 10 kid chokoraa more alpha? Is a CBK governor more alpha? I answer both questions with a yes and no. Then at the third persona POV I conclude, what’s beta and what’s alpha is just a matter of personal preference. Among chokoraas, a 10 kid chokoraa is alpha, among industrialists, the CBK governor is alpha.

The world moves, time passes and things change. 500 years from now, no one will care about a childless governor of CBK that existed in the 2000s. The chokoraa’s lineage might still exist in 2520 and maybe one of the existing kin might be president of the Federation of African States.

Who cares(?), a man is made to work for something, be it family, nation, charity, etc. The key is to have purpose for whatever you do. Wisdom will show that some purposes are not that purposeful though. School of Thought.

Brilliant! That comment by @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii caught me off guard too but I like how you put it. It boils down to personal preference but eventually all is vanity of vanities. The end of the world is here with us, yet we are busy talking about alpha and beta males…:smiley:

huko peke yako katika hayo mawazo, tuko wengi na maoni moja.

Apart from that, in truth there exists a superior race and the rest are just servants and slaves of that race

ikiwa ushakubali kila kitu ni vanity, kwanini hutaki kunipa nionje ladha ya hiyo fresh katikati ya migu yako?

The man with 10kids is a deadbeat dad

You look nothing like your great grandfather. That should tell u one thing - his genes have long been diluted. It does not matter whether u get kids or not. 200 years from today your lineage will be blurred and nobody will even remember/know your 1st name. Leave a better legacy than that.

Mdeal na corona pekee yenu.

Tuko 2020 na kuna mtu anadai ati kuzaa itamjengea legacy :D:D:D. Go watch these two documentary series: ‘The men who built America’ na ‘How the Victorians built Britain.’ Now those are true legacies, otherwise, there is nothing wrong with kuitwa ‘baba’ na watoto kumi BUT it will not get you anywhere

Bado target yangu Ni 30 kids

I can bet that half of them will be chokoraas

We Jews are superior

Habari purple

Wealth is a state of mind

Why don’t you try securing property with your state of mind, wealth is an abundance of resources at your command.

Kumbaya achia wakristo

Let me ask you my friend. A person earning Ksh 500000 in Kenya can live comfortably within his own means. But such a person will feel that he is not still getting enough and engage in more income earning activities or steal from public coffers. Is that not making any sense to you?

The problem with stupidity is that it has very simple simple ideas that are very simplistic and when doggedly repeated become believable to lazy minds which are a majority…

Unajidanganya… Have you ever come across material on the Mongol empire of Genghis Khan?.. the largest contiguous empire of all time, by landmass… Haya tafakari that his direct descendants alone form 0.5% of the world population…

Bear in mind this empire existed 13_14th century… And is now long gone…

Long after American empire will disappear, as is fraught to happen, what legacy will be left by this men who built it?

That is greed and it’s a cardinal sin, if one seeks to beat greed then it makes no difference if you have a wealthy state of mind or not.
It’s a matter of ethics, remember the tout who handed back 30gs?

That’s why we are saying that wealth is just a state of mind. A person with just an average income may decide to be contented and live in mental peace whilst another person with a high income may decide not to be contented and live a life of chasing money and never live in peace.