Wacha Niwakasirishe Tena

Nimeona thread hapo chini Young Sponsor amegonga 30. Good for him. Then some of you negroes started sh.itting on me huko. So, as your uncle, I will say this again.

You have 70 years to live. 35 ni half-time. Kama hujashinda the local league by 35 you are fuakd ie kama hauko leafy suburbs.

As usual, kuna morons who will come with useless data sijui most people make it at 60. The data is true but it doesn’t make it right. What’s the point of making it at 60 and enjoying your sweat for just 10 years?? You should enjoy at least half of your life.

Why do I keep telling you this? The first reason is because I want to light a fire under your ass. The second reason is that you can’t buy time.

Justin Bieber with $285 million at 27 is wealthier than Warren Buffet with over $100 billion at 91 years. If Buffet was given an option to trade places with Justin Bieber, he would do so in a heartbeat.

Timing is critical. You can’t buy time nigga. That’s why huwa nawaambia kukafunga mapema ni important. Don’t hate the messenger.

Sasa wacha ningoje watu na matusi juu ya kuambiwa ukweli.

Kwani who died and made you Prefect of people’s lives? Kila mtu na pace yake bana, wewe kama uko rat race, pambana na hali yako. Justin Beiber or Warren Buffet wote are wealthy AF living their lives.

Hizi standards hapana tambua hata kidogo.

How is this the case when buffet has been a billionaire longer than Beiber can ever hope to be? By the same token, you can also make the argument that buffet is wealthier because he has more experiences that TIME has afforded him. Maybe Beiber will never be a billionaire, so no amount of time will ever make him as wealthy as buffet experience-wise.

Lakini ni ukweli ati boobs za mamako zimeanguka mpaka haziweshi amshwa ata na alarm??? Tuambie ukweli leo tujue

Good analysis but this point is not necessarily true. Money and class are not the true measure of achievement and happiness for all people. There are so many other things that can make you truly feel that you have achieved in life e.g…
Service to humankind.
Among others…

True. But it is one of the only factors within your control.

Answer my question.

2023 azor ahai atafunguanga website mpya each time anataka kureply


watu wangapi hii kenya wako na $1m banae?

na si wanaishi tu bado?
kwani kulala hosipitali 3 months alafu ukufe inahitaji $1m kweli?

ata waki inflate waseme ulitumikiwa 3 cartons ya gloves per hour, pesa haifikangi hapo


Uko na ujinga mwingi sana brown skin

At the bare minimum kuwa leafy suburbs by 35.

Sounds crazy, right?? But time doesn’t care how you feel. 70 years - that’s it.

As you know, l’m quite keen on comic books. Especially the ones about superheroes. I find the whole mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating. Take my favorite superhero, Superman. Not a great comic book, not particularly well-drawn, but the mythology. The mythology is not only great, it’s unique…Now, a staple of the superhero mythology is, there’s the superhero and there’s the alter ego. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he’s Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. And it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone. Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears – the glasses, the business suit – that’s the costume. That’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He’s weak, he’s unsure of himself, he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race.

Msee si ujibu swali langu mbona unalenga?

Wee thie úkamíe.

35 kwani baba zetu ni dynasties. Wacha peasant’s son wadevelop at their own pace.

Sasa unataka kulia juu nakulenga?:smiley:

You must be hurting coz ya hating… chill out baba, go get some soft massage

Which leafy suburb are you in?

So tuseme hapa ktalk ni mimi tu ndio nimamake it according to @Azor Ahai since i was in leafy surbubs by 27! Don’t give up my brothers…you will still make it even at 50

Haunilengi unalenga swali muhimu. Wananchi wanataka kuskia jibu

Man sick of this nigga huwa anafikiria ako na blueprint ya all of life’s questions. Yaani leafy suburbs ndio goal. Kuna watu living in simple bungalows mashinani with billions and kuna watu leafy suburbs in severe debt. Hakuna life formula and besides everyone has their own life to live bora haiumizi mwingine. Mtu akiamua kuishi Kibera and he’s 40 that’s their business; same way someone akidecide kuishi Lavington at 21 that’s their choice.