Wacha Kamidget akunywe late night drink

Sijui nikunywe maji ama energy drink or milk or yogurt. Anyway let me settle for juice alafu I make a late night sandwich. Goodnight buddies
I know your fridges are empty but it’s okay buddies.

kamuliwa na blaze na uwache kutusumbua

facken ghasia

:D:D:D:D First, Blueband’s NOT fridge material. Second- what’s up with all that junk food? How much do you weigh? :stuck_out_tongue:

if u live in uropa utajua why we put margarine kwa fridge. Junk food is for emergency nikiskia njaa usiku…sina bibi. I weigh 85kg but given a chance i can finish that 130 kilo ghasia @Motokubwa in seconds. I am a trained tae kwondo expert

How do you reach the upper shelves? Is there like a special modified fridge for midgets?

Dzerzhinsky you must have lived a life of depravity, all you post is about food, money and anal orifices.

Well stocked fridge, Kudos.

In Greek we say “ngia ithinjite”.

hahahaha see these ones. have a good night Leonara Kimani and Tarantinoh. Both of u are meffi in my eyes. Thought u should know

Your fridge is full but empty. Only thing I fancy there is the activia, like it a lot.

You are a midget in my eyes and rightly so…

Thanks buddy. It’s a double decker fridge…apo chini nimejaza manyama

We will meet one day and then utaniambia kama mimi ni midget…btw when u see me liking yr reply when umenitusi just know that i do it to show how stupid u are…ghasia



:D:D:D:D:D umbwa wewe

So apt.

Life is Short, Eat Dessert First…

Fridge umeijaza vilivyo. Lakini kuongea ukweli hii upuss ya kupigapiga picha ni ya wanawake.

Bro uko online tucheze FIFA??

eeeeh . Lakini Blaze hananga FIFA…yaani mtu anaenda to create an account kujifanya ni Blaze…SMH. Clout chaser…See your life. What’s your real handle? Enyewe panyaste is a brand wueh