Wabukhala for EACC

[SIZE=6]President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated retired Archbishop Eliud Wabukhala to head this cursed institution. What do you think? Is this a good choice? If not who would you have preferred?[/SIZE]


Did he remarry?.. read second pic

atleast it shows he is willing to wrestle with wala nyama… lets wait and see the support he gets

…Not bad.

If u can’t hire and fire the personnel working under you, then I don’t see how he will perform, he may end up exposing corruption, but he will be a frustrated man, unless he is there to eat.
EACC, was established to fail.

https://www.google.com/amp/www.nation.co.ke/news/Bold-new-start-as-Anglican-Church-Archbishop-weds-/1056-1407422-view-asAMP-96yr4f/index.html yea I thot so


Dude just messed his testimony

He can do a good job bora they dont misuse him… he is human

there goes his legacy… EACC is a poisoned chalice.
kumbuka mtu kama PLO…


Sijui zeal ya plo ilipotea wapi… the way aliingia na mioto

The problem mainly is his personality, too much of a softy


PLO maybe Kibaki left him for the dogs… lets see the backing Uhuru may give this one

That’s a job he should have avoided like the plague. His reputation will be dragged in the mud and all that Kenyans will remember him by is a failed stint trying to wrestle with pigs.


Cartels my friend. Unless you are Ready to die like B.I.G there are jobs you cannot perform in.

Uhuru pretends to be helpless but you can bet your last coin he is in it as well. otherwise this impunity would not be as pronounced.


PLO, was there for the money. Remember him telling that MILF MP from Embu to deposit money in some foundation He had started.
This good old bishop should think twice. By the way, Uhuru says he is helpless in fighting corruption, what will the Bishop do ?

Hii ni matope atapakwa sijui anaweza bonga na uunye aje akatae hio post politely

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he’d be a fool to take that position in a country where the president swears that he cannot fight corruption.


Jameni… its like deflowering an angel

As Mumo Matemo what that job entails … you fight Moira, the oust you through parliament