waariya na biashara zao safi

i dont know why but lately i have come to prefer buying electronics from Somalis. Hii waariya akina @Bingwa Scrotum @Notapeoplesguy huanga wanafanya biashara safi sana. My mum bought once bought a Galaxy Trend back in 2014 from some kenyan owned shop along Moi Avenue and within 3 months simu ilikuwa imechapa. Alirudisha ikaundwa juu ilikuwa na warranty but then shida zilikuwa tu kibao hadi akaachana nayo. a week later alienda akabuy Galaxy trend ingine kwa Waariya huko Luthuli na simu iliishi miaka tatu alikam kuireplace last year. I bought my current phone, Tecno W5 in 2016 kutoka kwa waariya huko tu luthuli na simu hadi wa leo haijai kuwa na shida yoyote.

In 2013 my mum bought a toshiba laptop from a somali shop along Moi Avenue hadi wa leo laptop haijaichapa. Haijaileta hata shida. 5 years later and the only thing we replaced in the latop is the battery only due to wear and tear. otherwise laptop iko in good working condition. last year nilinunua laptop kutoka kwa duka ya mkenya huko tu Moi Avenue na juzi mliona nikiweka thread hapa vile hio laptop imeshinda imenisumbua hata sasa nataka nibuy ingine. iyo imebaki kukuwa dead.

I don’t know why but Waariya huwa wanafanya biashara safi sana. And their prices are very friendly.

kwani umekidnapiwa na ile watu ya ngamia? umewasifu vizuri.What are their demands?:D:D:D:D:D

So you are basing your entire theory on your mother’s shopping habbits?

Toka kwa mamako nauaze familia kijana, Atleast mention your wife ukienda sana.

Afungue kabat

:D:Dhii ni kijana ya sendro province. Mum is everything.

Mzee @gashwin will be here shortly to either deny or confirm the above allegation and issue a brief statement on the same :D:D

:D:D:D:Dlast i checked the term “mama’s boy” was in english, an international language so i guess the phenomenon is universal. i haven’t disappointed, have I?

Difference sio the seller,it is the product,and most probably the price,so your thread makes no sense unless umelipwa for this thread.

niaje kanze dena wa gaswii?

:D:D poa sana chrischieth

And he will be followed by @FieldMarshal CouchP calling everyone my son!

Tall mnyama kwani mamako ni digital aje? That means you are hardly 20, secondly, who told you those warias are not Kenyans?

That’s a hollow argument. Just because her mother owns a laptop doesn’t means she is young. Besides, she could be buying it for other use such as an enterprise??

Does this fall under sweeps:D:D:D

Kama mimi…sasa jameni hii kijiji mnataka watu tuite mama zetu aje? saii naskia naitwa mama’s boy…siwes jam lakini upumbaff mtawacha…

Mjamaa vile @Chiefkiumbe amesema…toka kwa mamako…

At that age na kila time ni my mum this my mum that.
Kuna issue hapa wadau.

stupidity is bad for your life.