They offloaded 5000 bricks at the wrong place.

Mwafrika banaa, why not start palletizing and bagging construction material.

Kitu kaa hii.


How you deliver palletized construction materials.





Invest in Moffett Folklift.

Shida ni pesa, njaa inatesa mwafrika sana.

the problem isn’t money, look keenly into our business persons, and one thing you’ll notice is that, they’d rather finance extravagant lifestyles from the business proceeds, than invest back in making their businesses more efficient.
some of these guys driving around town in big cares and reminding us hao ni watu wa biashara, don’t even pay their employees on time, but every other weekend they’re flying to some plush destination locally or abroad.

Yes, but hio nikupatia mwili pole. Running a business sio jokes…

that’s the Achilles Heels of many businesses in .ke.

The problem is that they are bank financed.

Why not use the same finances to make your operations more efficient

Mtu anatengeneza, mirrions but ukimwambia aweke software ya 50k anasema ni pesa nyingi

Unaweza pata the same person uses equally the same amount of money, on entertainment in two weekends.

I’m sure you are speaking in general terms but Hawa most likely ni wale wa kuchomea ocha so kuweka Kwa pallet ni hekaya.
Ile ya pale ruiru sijui inaitwa clayworks ama Nini, do they pallet. I find bricks hizo zao having an appealing for building

I fully concur. Checki businessman kama @Karoga na ile biz yake ya kuuza sweets na njugu kwa social events. Akipata profit kiasi anaenda Amboseli road kusos postwall softmeat zile zake. How will he deliver?

:D:D:D karoga ni mkulima tu, anakuwanga na tumbuzi, tu ng’ombe na tu kuku. Mapato yake ni madogo bado.

piga changaa ya 20 na kaweed. ready to load

Tulia,umeenda mbali aiseh.bonobos are still figuring this contraption out…

Technology mpya banaa.

Halafu wikendi analishwa “mchele” na “basmati babes” hivyo tu 50k gone with the wind. :D:D:D

unataka kuharibu kazi . machines destroy jobs. pale Bomet tumesema hatukubali tea picking machines:D:D

Increasing efficiency leads to expansion of businesses.

Tukipata leaders who can strategize for our wellbeing like my hero muamma gadaffi we would be comfortable. We have alot of resources which are misplaced