W.S Ruto the 5th

Ata Uganda wanajua


Good morning Kenya. It seems the camel back has broken. For the 100th time Mt.Kenya showed great love for their next President DP Uncle Ruto. All in denial have accepted that fact this weekend. First it was chest thumping that jayden will deliver the region fully, then 50:50, then 30% and finally it was accepted with great humility that 10% is the best bet. Now its confirmed that even that 5% is best, best hope now. Everyone is resigned to this fate. Jubilee party will not get even one seat and RAT will do well to get his 6% votes in the region. Everything they tried backfired on their face.

The reason is simply because Chief Hustler shifted his campaign successfully from grassroots level to individual level. It has cemented to each individual. Nothing can be done to reverse that level of penetration in 3 months. So they are now seeking accommodation. They are well and truly beaten, publicly and in humility.


The internet never forgets.

WSR ako na favor, Konyagi planned to cage him in Karen during his second term, but wsr knew Konyagi was up to no good akajipanga mapema.
Hii inauma Konyagi na nyanye saana.
They r full of machungu

Siasa Duni …
Kenyans need relief from Hustlers of Graft and Impunity …

Besides , there is some unfinished business at the ICC Court in Hague … :D:D