After insulting peoples mothers who think its ok to insult me buh not ok to insult their modas bcz dey modas be more moda than me. Ati a baboon like Popeye be like, what did we say about our modas,admin utawacha our modas watusiwe hivi. Moda my ass bitchez. Anyway kuna mtu alinishow listen to VYBZ KARTEL and cool your titties, Sijui kama thermostat ya hasira iko kwa matitties buh I went to check the guy out coz I know him only for the legendary song, poor people country. Wah!Wah! First I found a song wea he is being given a blow job kwa stage ya concert. Heh! Next ingine anaimba Sijui Satan is his uncle. Kidogo amerecord a convo after killing a very skinny guy who does the ordi dance very well bcz he lost a gun! This why he is in jail. Whats the deal with this guy? Is he the founder of the Jamaican gang called Gaza that hawa vijana wa Kayole wanaemulate? I saw a photo of an altar with his foto wea hawa vijana huomba b4 waende heist. Surely, am really traumatized! This not a musician but only using music as a camouflage for criminal and occult activities! Wale wanaskiza huyu mtu better stop before hiyo spirit ya wizi ikuingie upate unapiga watu ngeta. Am shocked tht this gang stab pple in the neck in Jomeca and hata ya Kayole Modus Operandi ni moja,they recently stabbed a pg lady in the neck yet she had surrendered her valuables to them. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

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Calm down Ajusa.


:D:D:D:D umenibamba yangu yote. You mean you take Ktalk opinions that serious? Ukiskiza Vybz utaona mdomo inatoka moshi tu


:D:D:D:Dkuna watu uamini kila kitu hapa ktalk.sadness of life

Kunguni huwezi angalau ngojea raia iamushe kinywa ndio usumbue

Yaani Josephine Onyango wewe hukula ndimu kila asubuhi? #bitterness


heheheheā€¦I always listen to Vybz every morning before niende class. Many people listen to vybz kartel music even Sterling(man city footballer) in an interview said his best musician ni vybz kartel

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Sterling was born in Kingston.