Vybz Kartel gets married in jail

Ameona aingie plantation while jailed for life.



Low IQ umeffi sheboon knee garr ghetto hood rat content. Siwesi watch :meffi:

@TrumanCapote wewe Una ingizwa planteshen lini? Uwachane na dildo.

kumbe wewe ni fan wa fi world boss ?


Get gyal anywhere.

Women can be very gullible. To say the least. Before a woman does anything to a man she should ask herself if roles were reversed he’d do the same thing for her. If nothing else that should bring her back to reality.

First of all men in prison are gey so their chances are high of catching HIV. Nywy Maisha ni yake, wacha nishughulike na yangu. I only know one song from this guy so what do I know?

It wouldn’t matter if he catches HIV in there. He can’t pass it to her. Usually such women who marry jailbirds survive 3/4 years max. Physical needs wears down even the strongest’s patience.