VW Touareg V6

A friend in Kisumu is looking for a mechanic or Garage that specialises in Volkswagen cars any assistance will be appreciated.

The beauty of German machines. They never disappoint

Jericho exit ya hamsa jogoo road ask watu nduthi they direct you to manoa garage vw specialist

The car is in Kisumu…so he needs a fundi from there

Awekelee gari kwa flat bed alete kanairo.

Mnasemanga hamuezi endesha Janapese sasa gharamikoa ujinga yenu.

Yes Manoah is a good guy. He helped me on Sunday

anaitwa Manowa sio Manoah.

Thanks for the correction omwami. The burger that sent me his number must have mispelled/spelt wrongly.

No problem Elder. My original name is Murimi but some still write Muremi especially the so called Born-tau

Na vile German cars hazina space ndani. Bmw, audi… very cramped poor designs. Low roofs, no leg room.

I know a guy who had to have his toureg towed to Nairobi from Nyahururu then he had to pay close to an M to have the nozzles replaced… Hiyo Gari ni noma.

As i always say, get the Japanese equivalent

What amuses me is how guys like Deorro and sometimes @Sambamba will bitch about Apple products being expensive sijui Apple is tax on the stupid… sijui no one in his right mind would by a macbook, go for hackintosh and yet in another thread the same bonobo is praising an overpriced SUV known as the Porsche Cayenne. :smiley:

Nashindwa but @deorro a Cayenne is very much a tax on the stupid.

Everything in that car is grossly overpriced yet ni plastic na mabati ya kawaida. You break anything in that car… wewe kwisha!


Ni Touareg with lipstick

kindly assist me with his contacts

Nisaidiwe na contacts zake omwami

I dont have mboss but visit him on his location