VW passat station wagon Bumper

Hi guys, Kindly guide me on where i can get the bumper. I was at kirinyaga road today and i could not find it.

On Eastern Bypass, past Utawala then again past Kangundo Road interchange (not sure if that’s the name of the interchange), there is a junkyard on your left as you head towards Thika Road. The junkyard is full of new rear lights (thousands I may say), probably from different crashed cars, I believe you’ll find something of help there.

Do you h

Do you have someone’s number i can contact. I want the front bumper

I only see the junkyard while driving on Eastern Bypass. I know nothing much, but it’s noticable though sorounded by a concrete wall.

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It’s near the small river that’s the boundary of Nairobi and Kiambu. While at it @Kingwendu, check out other junk yards along Eastern bypass at Utawala and several others near the Kangundo road interchange

Tafuta @Touchlyrics .

acha nishtue karis kitu 10 then il get back to you guys

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Start here. Beware of fakes and cons https://web.facebook.com/groups/vwownerskenya/