VW Passat Diesel

Good insight here.

Pliz share them photos.After my vehicle was stolen I went shopping for such a car all over Nairobi even in Mombasa but I did not have any luck.Umeangukia gari poa sana.Read through what everyone has said and you will be OK.


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I got the car today. It is a machine am telling you.

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Picha tafadhali


lucky you! I have owned a passat before and I know it is a beautiful machine. VW is one of the greatest comeback stories in motoring world. VW and audi have the best interiors in their class.

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all the best bro. as for me manual cars make me tired, i said goodbye to them that moment i passed my driving test

picha ziko wapi?

Picha puriiz.

have you driven an auto over long distance? hujui kuchoka ni nini? left leg because of immobility and the imbalance caused by having only one leg working gives me hell. Also manual puts me in control and the emergency breaking capability gives me peace of mind

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just a btw…gari ya diesel ni vizuri kukanyanga clutch ukiigurumisha…na ukizima

This is a requirement for the car. Hio ‘key’ yake haiwes ingia ama kutoka kama hujakanyanga clutch.


imaginary passat haha picha inaitishwa lakini wapi


talkers msikue mnakimbia kupeana mawaidha inaweza kua mtu anaota na nyinyi mnadhani ni ukweli

What’s wrong with that? Even Jupiter said our dreams are valid.

So, how about that small matter of emissions that’s recently blown up in the media?

The issue is being blown out of proportion.

Eka mbisha madam acha story mob