Vw GTi

What are the pros and cons of a Vw GTi?
Currently i am on a demio i want to upgrade

The fact that it’s not a Demio is pro enough.

Steering is round, it has 4 wheels, side mirrors,… Asanda

fuel tank hiko on driver’s side u don’t ave to worry about thieving petrol station attendant since u can see both while sitted comfortable in you’re car

Pros check engine lights will be ur new friend.
Cons check engine lights and flat beds . Dsg kwanza utakamuliwa mpaka bone marrow reserves.

Demio to GTI, that shift! Hope you are covered on the whiplash side of things by your insurer

Start with a standard Golf first.

Ground clearance very low.Itasumbua kwa bumps

Keti hapo NV meffi

Demio auto to vw gti manual good shift set ready for the ride say no to nay sayers

If cost isn’t an option, do it. Life ni fupi. Jifunze manual na gearbox ya GTI iko nini.

Underbelly ikiscratch rumble strip moja, check engine light on

yes life ni fupi but
Ikianza kusumbua life itakuwa even shorter. Nunua kitu utawezana. Sijui mbona me huona kila mahali ati golf transmission fails alot na engine light iko almost always on. Maybe it is the car
Maybe it is the drivers(who are broke) maybe it is shoddy mechanics. I also heard the manual is less prone to transmission issues

A muhindi who owns a gti also has a vitz, tafakari hayo

I know a doctor with a vitz and an audi. I know also a gynae with an s class and an allion.
German vile nimeona na vile nimefunzwa na kijiji huendei hivi hivi

My dream ride

Nunua gti jamaa. I can bet 99.9% of the guys above have never been into a GTi, leave alone own one. All is hearsay. Read about turbo cars, about dual clutch transmissions, about tfsi and fsi engines from Vw/Audi. The GTi is one solid hatch and is quite fast. Check for especially dsg oil quality to use, cam follower wear, diverter valve failure and use high quality fuel. And lastly, vw has many car models in Ke, have you ever see a stalled or wrecked Gti?

As far as it’s an upgrade, yes you’ll need to upgrade your pockets on this one too…

Golf R / R32?

Yet to come across one. GTI is quite a pundamlia ride. Hata mi nachukua hio kitu nanii. I rode one belonging to a friend, hata siskizi mtu yoyote sai. Upgrade issa mus.