Vumbistan always delivers

So an incompetent, corrupt so called Governor got into a physical altercation with a murderous, drug dealing so called Senator. Keep it classy Vumbistan, keep it classy. Nice choice of “leaders” by the way.


  1. Yule mtu wa mkono wa kucheki my typos, do your job. Send me the bill.
  2. Admin grow a pair. Wacha kucatch mafeelings. It’s not that serious.


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Kundustan always delivers, your “incorruptible and morally upright” leaders send the army to kill innocent women and children thousands of miles away in some desolate desert, need I mention that to be leader in that hellhole you call heaven, one must pander up to the homosexuals. Nice choice of leaders.


nasikia hivi ndivyo @gashwin alijibu mode wao wa Maths


This is what it ought to be… if it is a fight let the the leaders themselves do it but they should not involve the public in their own issues…


Just yesterday Donald Trump said you kind are not allowed in america yet uko APA maringo…

" Innocent" is a very Relative term when used to describe Citizens of countries in which Violence and Fundamentalist Religion means that Women and Innocent Children die every day regardless of foreign armies invading them in an attempt to bring back the rule of law and some sort of human dignity.

@mayekeke ; i know for a fact that you are not kikuyu and that you are a Somali Kenyan.
What good has Islam brought to Somalia?
A 99.9% Muslim Country where you would think Peace should prevail.
Nobody invaded Somalia in the last 50 years before 1990 yet they couldn`t live in peace as the Peaceful muslims you claim to be.

Something is Fundamentally wrong with your prophet`s teachings and Deny it as much as you want; ,…you know its True.


Enyewe huyu jamaa ako na Point…

But Niggaz Just Don`t Know!

@mayekeke ; i know for a fact that you are not kikuyu and that you are a Somali Kenyan

Apa umechemsha.

Now you know much about the prophets teachings? A casual reading of history and political events will tell you what has been happening in Somalia has been due to clanism and not religion, but hauwezi jua juu umeishi na wazungu for too long, unageuka kuwa ignorant like them.

Clanism makende yangu!
Where was the Prophets teachings to help them overcome their differences as Clans as a people who should live by their Faith in the Prophets teachings?
Hi ni kama ujinga ya kusema Kenyans as a divided tribe cannot co-exist in Kenya.
There are 40 plus tribes with differnt values but you don`t see us slaughtering each other unless some wicked politician persuades hooligans with Nothing to loose to do so every 5 years!

Just admit it; Violence,Instability and Hypocrisy go Hand in Hand with Islam.

Ustaadh,Leo Sawm kweli kalii!:D:D:D:D:D

Mayekeke ni Kenyan Mkikuyu.

hehehe this should be interesting. mayekeke…aad tahay soomaaliyeed…???:D:D