vumbiafrique advert

Going through the paper courtesy of mm,I saw this advert by this company,they have a shady website with photos lifted from makiga website,but knowing kenyans I bet these fellows will be smilling all the way to posta or mpesa by evening.[ATTACH=full]27376[/ATTACH] but on the flip side they are very creative

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For one to offer the said 10380 jobs one has to have a project on the scope of the SGR, let’s assume the above said will apply, that’s a cool 10.4 mill:)


even if half apply,that is good money.

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Sadly many are gullible and will apply, I think most are wired to believe in everything they read from newspapers as the truth

hakuna law inaweza tumika kushika hawa watu before the crime is commmitted. because once they get the money, they will vanish.

Bandit economy bro, the cartels run this country

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You have to understand the levels of frustrations that come with unemployment. So kila MTU anaeza pigana ngeta. This is a clear indicator of how swindling has become a full time proffession. Now try imajin huyu akiwa minister 15 years later

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Vumbi Afrique… mtaona vumbi mkijaribu…

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we need laws to criminalize job application fees

Jina yenyewe ni mo faya lakini wakenya bado watatapeliwa

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hehe…yeah…they once came to my office late last year asking about stabilised soil blocks construction…here i see them kaning at least 200k today from gullible kenyans

Laws are there. Meticulous investigation and vigorous enforcement of the law nd’o hakuna.

The other day architects we’re on your case for uploading renders and plans from other websites on your blog wtf was that about.

@Randy yeah…just usual plain old unbriddled competition…some younglings feeling that mayb am taking too much of the share of available jobs …i get alot of such responses online so am used to it…its a jungle out here man…i usually collect pics of spectacular buildings done all around the world on my site so some guy had the same pic which he thought he owned but thanks to google picture search, i was able to show him who the real owners are, some guys from mauritius, so he backed off. i had this pic which he was also claiming

so i google picture searched for the real owner here below ,

and that rested the issue, thanks to google picture search.

The owner of the fb page, Gurmukh Singh Panesar, has kutoka zamani been having issues here n there with me, making nasty nasty comments at my online work etc so ni hali ya kuhustle, where some believe in winning if they cn bring others down. Check Singh Panesar’s 2010 quote here directed at me on a featured article in the media