VR technology in Kenya

Nani anajua how VR technology work nimejaribu google bado nakwama sielewi.

Very simple think from the basics, imagine 3d glasses watching a movie on telly, that’s a start

Now block off the glasses completely such that you don’t have any peripheral views of the room creeping into focus, this tricks your brain into loosing the sense of your surroundings making you feel part of the projected 3D model, you then add hand and foot sensors that communicate with the 3D model generator and you are able to walk and lift things in a none existent place

Overly simplified but I hope you get the drift

In layman’s language, vr stands for virtual reality. Assume everyday in your office you see those boring files, that nuisance secretary, the dirty mugs and non functional clock on the wall. Now sitting on the same chair, you put on your vr gear, suddenly you see your self sorrounded with sex women wearing bikinis, or maybe skydiving on diani beach or best seeing yourself on a cinema watching a movie with others etc.
This can be easily be achieved by buying a vr gear costing around 2k plus your phone with gryoscope, and ~400ppi screen density. Also a good headphone is an added advantage. Google cardboard app will guide you to get proper apps

Thanks nimeelewa vile kunguru wametajwa in bikinis