VPN Service in Kenya

Kindly help, how is Safaricom VPN working in terms of speed and charges? The which other reliable VPN service is available in Kenya. help a brother in need.

Safaricom has a vpn service?

Safaricom VPN?

xvideos haijakuwa censored brother. there is nothing to hide from

He meant Safaricon

Safaricom VPN??

Yes, they have, i just want to know how it operates

Apo tu kwa Safcom VPN ndio tume kwamilia. Details pliz

I talked to the support via twitter and they said iko, sasa shida nikua nadai jua charges na speed

Si uulize hawo support hio swali?

Alipigiwa ni watu wa Kamiti

VPN in nini? Kuna pahali sielewi sasa

Safaricom VPN? Unajua VPN ni nini?

Hii ni ya Kamiti.
Virtual Prison Network!

[COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Nko na HMA! &Zenmate works well with super speed especially HMA