Voter turnout prediction in numbers

RAT will not get zero votes my fren.

Some of us care very little about what Nasa says.

This is the problem, watu wanatumia kichwa kama kofia. Lack of critical thinking and its impact.

Let me declare here.
I have done my calculations and have come to the conclusion :

The maximum votes Uhuru can get, hata with miracles is 7M. This is true if only his strongholds maintains the turn out like last time. However, if the voter turn out in Jubilee strongholds drop, it will be 6.5M. This is still based on the fact that akina Nyamira, Bungoma, Turkana, Marsabit will give him votes of upto 30K-80K votes. If they don’t, he will hit a low of 5M.

Uhuru 6.5M to 7M if voter turnout in strongholds is same and swing counties have voted even half of them

5M if swing counties votes are very low and voter turnout drops in strongholds

I really hoped for 7M. This is after halving the voter turnout in swing counties and removing the total (which is 1.3M). The situation however doesn’t look promising.

I hope Uhuru hits that 6.5M though. RWNEBP

Hata voters wakiwa 10 uhuru gets 9 thats 90%. Hapo ndipo