Voter turn out comparison: 8th vs 26th

  1. Voter turn out during 26th 0ctober polls has been reported as 48%.( [MEDIA=twitter]923624663342776321[/MEDIA])

  2. Voter turn out during 8th 0ctober polls was reported as 79.1%. ( )

  3. Total number of registered voters is 19.6 ( )

  4. Using the figures listed above, and comparing them with votes cast in favour of NASA and Jubilee in 8 th August polls, Can a Statistics guru in this kijiji calculate for us the correlation and effect of NASA poll boycott on general voter turn out in 26th october poll.

None whatsoever, progression on a linear scale will show presdient uhuru kenyatta win with the same numbers as on 8th.

utajiju…not more than 6.5 million kenyans voted yesterday

Read Chebukati’s Twitter handle. The total turnout was 6.5m Votes the exact number NASA claims that Uhuru got during the August 8th Elections

And how many did nasa get? Progress that on a linear scale and see the numbers he got on 8th still stand strong! Or even higher

Ndio maana nimesema its a ratio that holds true…see my previous comment

Nasa boycott had no effect on Jubilee numbers, but Nasa intimidation and threat of violence did.
Jubilee supporters in swing areas like Kisii and Nyamira stayed away for obvious and understandable reasons.
For other parts of the country, fatigue, rain and assured outcome played a role in the low turnout.

heheheh…brother in denial…feeling kiwaru…arguing like a habitual offer shopper that you are.

Nyamira had a very high voter turnout, read stupid Itumbi posts

For causal relationships, you have to take care/ control for covariates in this case confounders for you to fully attribute your assertions.

Ei Boss hi ni akili gani?..

My simple maths informed by the desire to please Nasarites, who have a penchant liking for living a lie, shows that if those who voted are 6.5m, and the registered voters are 19m, then all the other 12.5m voters could have voted for Raila.

Raila has been in denial since before you were born!


Simple maths

Very true, the figure is 10million. not 12million. Jubilee strongholds voter turnout is comparable to the August 8th one.

Snapshots of Moi Avenue Primary School polling station, Nairobi, on election day
Courtesy NTV Kenya

Plus lazima propanda machine iendelee kufanya kazi otherwise watakosa kitu ya kusema kwa daily presser.

There you go!


Wewe umekuwa mchawi pia? :smiley: