Voter Apathy in Nigeria: Did the youth let themselves down?

Voter apathy in Nigeria is on another level, from a population of 200m+ 93m registered as voters and less than 30m voted.

People want change but don’t take action. Yes, those in power in Africa undoubtedly rig elections, but there’s a number if you pull it becomes ‘unriggable’.

Now a small fraction has made the decision for the huge population.

If you keep off politics, you’ll live by the choices made by the small fraction.

Buhari made sure his candidate won the election.

For us who followed the Nigeria campaigns on social media, we barely noticed him. We were convinced by the Naija that Obi was the guy.

Obi has come a distant 3rd after Atiku. I’m curious to see the final tally on how the youths voted, like in the case of Kenya, youths have the numbers but they never vote. I won’t be surprised if this is the case in Nigeria too.


How will they figure this out? Or they will just count Obi’s votes as youth votes