Voter Apathy in Meru

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In politics, voter apathy is perceived apathy (lack of caring) among voters in an election. Voter apathy or lack of interest is often cited as a cause of low turnout among eligible voters in jurisdictions where voting is optional and the donkey vote where voting is compulsory.

Ino ni nugu Cia meru

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hehehehe umesahau kuweka hii…



He was in isiolo today…

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Too many Ethiopians

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sasa kutakuwa na game ya vaite hangman

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That game developer forgot to update that very promising game

Hehe mûthamaki atarudi by saa nne asubuhi…vaite hawawezi risk kuchagua babuon esp raiyaa ya Tharaka Nithi…nilisikia twedi twedi two vaite walisema hawatakua flower ghels wa shiny eyes…napenda sana.


expect more helicopter hangman in this political season

Hata weta anajua big crowds doesn’t translate to votes,anajua vile wakale waliwafanya 2013

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By the look of that picture I note that the vaites are busy on their smartphones recording TMT, these was an entertainment that required future reference. What I know TMT may get more votes from kiambu than in the Ameru, the despise him with a passion. The luck of the Orange shirts tell you more when compared to the of Isiolo.

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There is an ODM MP from Meru county.

uhuru was heckled in Meru. Baite hapana machezo. ibwega muno
PNU is the party to watch. pesa ya miraa 1b ilienda wapi? kutenga na kuchupilii


What are Kiraitu’s chances for the gubernatorial seat?

already decamped…and ODM chickened out from disciplinary action against him.

You forget Munya’s PNU is backing Uhuru for prezzy

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few posed for pics

Motto ya wameru huwa hii,hakuna tofauti ya mkate na nusu mkate

Kuna mbuzi itachinjwa wakati wa elections