Vote of Thanks to KTalkers

As you can see in the screenshot below (deleted initial post cos I forgot to attach the image) [ATTACH=full]158541[/ATTACH] my importance in this forum has finally been given the recognition it deserves. I’ve made it. For those who tried to put me down Fuck you, for those who encouraged me through this arduous journey what can I say but thank you. Special mention to @Abba , @uwesmake, @Mundu Mulosi, @GeorginaMakena (my fantasy), @cortedivoire (stupid fuck), @native son, @Okwonkwo, @Useless Spectator, @Radical Kisii, @epoch @pamba @pnssy signal among others. Next stop Village Elder and you are hereby challenged to get me there in the next 6 weeks. Yes we can! In other words I’m asking you to suck up to me (kiss my ass) till I get to the mountain top, if you don’t mind that is.

Kwa wale nimewatusi poleni Sana na kwa wale hatujakorofishana safari bado ni changa.

Tukiendelea kumsaidia @Mworia Wameru kuinuka ili aje kuwa kigogo mkuu katika mtandao ah tovuti hii ya kijamii kama anavyostahili na anavyostahiki tusije tukasahau ya kwamba kujamiiana pia ni jambo la muhimu sana na ni lazima tukuze tabia ya kujamiiana mara nyingi iwezekanavyo siku baada ya nyingine.

Fuck you!

SV unaudhi

Sv usitishwe pewa like.

Right back at you. Sitishiki na sisemezeki

You must be living a lonely sad life if you are begging attention from people who probably dont exist and will never meet in your lifetime