Vote fraud in California.

Many today agree that Biden probably stole in California as well. There is no way Biden won California.

The Democratic leadership in California has failed the people. Filthy inner city streets, drugs, homelessness, corruption, corrupt police… there is absolutely no way Biden won California. No way!

There’s no way Democratic candidates won that overwhelmingly in that state. There have been multiple calls for a revote and not a corrupt recount. California stinks of vote fraud.


[SIZE=7]Hawthorne men accused in voter fraud plot to obtain 8,000 mail ballots for ‘nonexistent or deceased’ persons[/SIZE]!/quality/90/?
Mail ballots in Los Angeles County. Two Hawthorne men have been charged with committing voter fraud.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)
NOV. 17, 2020 3:54 PM
As judges around the U.S. continue to dismiss claims of voter fraud by President Trump and his supporters, prosecutors and election officials in Los Angeles County said Tuesday that they had uncovered evidence of an actual attempt to fix an election — albeit a small, local one.
Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, 53, and Marcos Raul Arevalo, 34, were charged with multiple counts of voter fraud after allegedly trying to register 8,000 “fictitious, nonexistent or deceased” voters to receive mail-in ballots. The scheme was part of an illicit bid by Montenegro to become mayor of Hawthorne, according to a criminal complaint made public Tuesday.
Montenegro and Arevalo allegedly used three recently registered post office boxes and Montenegro’s home address to submit the fraudulent applications, which allowed election officials to quickly flag them as suspicious in mid-October, according to Dean Logan, the county’s top election official.

COURT , COURT , COURT …take it even to a republican judge COURT… otherwise mnyambo ya ngamia

i hope Trump will form an Constitution Commission to look into this election, where by they will audit what all states.

Those powers given from where? maybe your asehole:D
@T.Vercetti with this kind of support you is dead bro

Utaambiwa mara ngapi the courts are compromised.

And there is nothing like evidence to overturn the election because the status quo would say you are “fighting democracy”.

Therefore any evidence presented is viewed as non evidence.

Even if we bring 100 witnesses to court, in the U.S judicial system that is not evidence enough because overturning an election is viewed as fighting democracy or fighting the American way of life.

Someone sat down and designed this travesty of justice.

California governor and mayor of california city declared ICE an illegal entity:D …how did it end patricia?

The false flag Rodney King incident sent George Bush home in 1992. He was a one term president.

The false flag George Floyd incident was also designed to bring out a similar out come.

After Rodney King California became a blue state and the decline began. Inequality, homelessness you name it.

In this 2020 election homeless people in Califirnia were being bribed to put their signatures on mail in ballots in exchange for cigarettes, beer, a sandwich etc.

Sawa mtu wa Biden.

And I dont know why you usually pretend to be anti America while clearly you are a Hardcore Democrat at heart.

You love Obama. You clearly love Biden with your whole heart, soul and mind. Stop living a lie pretending to be anti U.S.

California will gain freedom and become like Canada and Mexico

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“put tangible stuff here.” What do you want to achieve by bringing all these fraud stuff that are non existant ? Giuliani alishindwa…wewe ni nani? Just stick to those lonely threads you create with your notorious handle . Cc @HAKI YANGU

So Republicans also want to claim California? :D:D:D Like Biden claiming he can win Mississippi or Kentucky. Funny

We can only hope. Or better yet, the “Big One” hits and the whole of them sink to the bottom of the Pacific.

hehe madam sijakupata…elaborate kiasi:D

The ignorance in these streets is overwhelming.

Mtu wa federal way …hakuna ignorance…ni ujinga mko nayo. Fair and square you lost …you spend millions recounting votes just to prove a point but you end up giving more votes to Biden . What else do you want? What ignorance are you talking about?

Where in the constitution is Trump given powers to look into state voter fraud? Do you have an understanding of how the electoral college works?

Google “the big one.” Scientists predict there will soon be a major earthquake in California mostly affecting areas around Los Angeles. The aftermath will be so dire, that region will sink into the ocean.

The same stupid niggas said biden was senile and sloppy… now they saying he stole an election!!

Pure evil thoughts. God wa Jesus must be proud.