Vote for Diana Nadzua Mwacharo has 15 years working experience

Diana is a servant leader who has always taken every opportunity to be vocal on behalf of professionals and was quite instrumental in 2018 during vetting of Heads of Procurement. She will work to ensure there is minimal victimization of professionals by being the voice of professionals with various stakeholders.

She’s passionate about Youth Mentorship programs and general welfare of KISM members

Where and when are we voting

10% kick back lazma ,my fren.

I saw this somewhere

She is a very corrupt lady

The other beneficiary of the Sh170million was Mwaka’s confidant, the manager in charge of HR and administration Boniface Musumbi. After the tender was awarded and money released, Musumbi was able to build a house, buy a new car for himself and another car for his wife all in less than a year. THE FOURTH BENEFICIARY WAS DIANA MWACHARO, THE PROCUREMENT MANAGER WHOSE HUSBAND is also a supplier to Sasra using a proxy company for the disadvantaged group (disabled) which supplies travel tickets, which is very lucrative in Sasra. Mwaka alone goes for