Voltaire & Emmanuel Kant on blacks

Thus Voltaire said of blacks that their intelligence was far inferior, that they are incapable of great attention, and that they had only a few more ideas than animals.

Emmanuel Kant:
The Negroes of Africa have not received any intelligence from Nature that rises above foolishness. Mr. Hume challenges anyone to suggest even one example of a negro who has displayed any talent. As he himself verifies, among the hundreds of thousands of blacks who have wandered far away from their homelands, even though many of them have been liberated, not one exists who has succeeded in anything great, either in the arts or the sciences or in any other noteworthy thing. On the contrary, among the whites, people continuously rise above the low point that they were and they evolve through their superior qualifications, attaining worldly fame. The difference therefore between the two races is an essential one: It appears to be equally big, both with regard to the capabilities of the mind, as well as to the color. “”"

Neil Degrasse

Am just surprised that you have read Voltaire and Kant


They say black people ain’t intelligent yet they got everything from black people …from art,music,religions,spirituality , democracy , education and countless innovations…

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People who justify their superiority by denigrating others can only be considered to be mentally sick.

Denigrating others and being intelligent have no correlation. Some of the most intelligent people were the rudest and most arrogant people in history. Soma akina Gauss, Watson, Newton, Jobs, they were pretty nasty characters. Kama umeona ile series ya Sherlock then utaelewa.

I have no time for people who glorify and practise racism, tribalism, sexism, classism etc

There are genuine black scientists and pioneers in history…but this list contains a lot of BS…Why would a black man invent a Horse shoe or horse riding saddle? Some of these things were made long before the white man had discovered Africa… Helicopter?? Chess that has aspects of a king, queen, bishop, knight, castle that the average african living in a mud hut didn’t know? Whoever created this list is just mocking the black man…