Volcanic eruption currently at Mt. Longonot.


Huyo mkikuyu anyamaze juu hakuna kitu anajua

Extinct volcanoes becoming active again? Wow!

Ni extinct ama ni dormant wakwitu?

The damn thing has been dormant for decades. A bit of smoke was coming out of its crater as far back as 1988, even as some deer grazed nearby. Volcanoes have dangerous secrets in their bowels.

A volcano can pull a surprise any time. Even one that has been dormant for two millennia

Very dangerous and unpredictable

Watu wahame Maai Mahiu, rumours have it that kipmenos have been sent to scare shiny eyes from Naivasha with fireworks then the port brought back under new kipmeno charge.

Ni wildfire ,fake news turedio funga thread

Ni ntu amewasha kiberiti ama nini? Cant sew shit at all.
Acheni umama

Read us the verse Mr clergy . I know you have a sermon in mind

wait. there are deer in kenya? :D:D

kilya munuka, ilombe yii :D:D

Niwesie utwaana musunzuulu uuuu wa pipuh ilovi?

Not funny. Work on your IQ you inbred degenerate.

Kipmeno sharrap

So mt kenya might erupt again? God forbid.

Reedbuck at lake nakuru

hakuna deer kenya. reedbuck is a common name for African antelopes.

ati the most prominent difference between an antelope and a deer is that a male deer has antlers which it sheds and grows every year. antelopes have horns that are permanent.

nikalaa ni mani-solo