Voice 2 Skull - Targeted Individuals.....The government is coming for you!

According to the self-proclaimed victims, they are followed in public by street actors and flash mobs who are hired by shadowy government agencies and private contractors. Their tormentors follow, mock, and harass them, often recording the bullying with cellphones. The victims say that federal- and state-based data-gathering fusion centers, government agencies at all levels, an international crime syndicate, mega-corporations, military contractors, local police, and even citizen neighborhood watch groups are all in on it.
Who are these people who believe they are trapped inside an elaborate and vicious harassment program known as gangstalking or organized criminal stalking? They call themselves targeted individuals, and I tracked down some of them to hear their stories. This is not just a local phenomenon, by the way. Across the nation and around the globe are videos, websites, and social media posts about targeted individuals.
Victims complain of small drones spying through their windows. Their cellphones and computers are hacked and fried. Home burglaries and vandalism are among the other complaints of the targeted individuals I spoke with. They also claim their harassers run “noise campaigns” of strategically timed jarring sounds. Monster pick-up trucks with loud mufflers roar down the street and cars blare their horns or squeal their tires at all hours.
They also hear voices.
Some targeted individuals believe the voices and insults are coming from “V2K,” a microwave technology known as voice-to-skull communication. The microwave technology is one piece of an arsenal of “directed energy weapons” used to harass and torture people, these people allege.

unasema nini?

Isn’t this what was done to US embassy staff in certain countries?

Actually, that is exactly what the woke does in the US. Jaribu tu kupinga their ways, hawatatak kuskia reason yako or anything, you will be accosted and screamed at and shouted down. The government seems to be deep in if anything we saw at the Twitter Hearings is to go by. It turns out even during Trump’s administration, some unknown woke power was still pulling the strings behind the scene.