Vladimir Putin's modus operandi.

If you have RT news on your TV I think inasambazwa free on almost all decoders on earth, if you have it then you must know their news style by now.

Watching RT news is like listening to a sarcastic kyuktothecore all day. News inaletwa with a specific agenda and they don’t even beat around the bush like the CNNs or BBCs who pretend to be neutral… with RT news you know where they stand from the first second you change to that channel. Kila kitu ni pro Putin.

They have these American educated Russian journalists, who sound highly educated and who look more like young KGB intelligence officers.

There’s a bald one don’t know his name. Yeye ndio kimalizio. Yeye ndio expert in chief tying down the pieces for the viewers consumption. One presenter will usually present their often alternative news, halafu baldie anakuja na final analysis breaking it down to show the world how Putin has been wronged.

I’ll give it to these RT news fellows they have done a lot of work to attract eyeballs. Very cool YouTube like graphics and short preppy news for the millenials. They don’t bombard you with details like Al jazeera or like Patco is doing right now, wanakupatia twitter dose with very cool graphics.

The bald fellow has been going on for weeks, ukiwasha tu RT news mara mingi utakuta amekungojea hapo like a neigborhood buddy and in his Russian accented English he’ll break it down quickly e.g. why Assad is a freedom fighter angel OR how Putin is hated in Britain because of his success and handsome looks OR the new Russian hypersonic nuclear weapon that can’t be stopped by any counter measures on earth etc.

So the bald fellow has been going on for weeks about the Skripal poisoning saying something like: " How can it possibly be Russian agents? Why would highly trained agents carelessly leave a can of poisoned perfume in a trash can? A poison with such a highly secretive formula? Why would two Russian grade A agents willingly get themselves photographed all over the streets of London? Several countries are indeed known to make this poison including Britain herself…"

Basically what the bald fellow is doing is descrediting the West by showing how the simplistic plot they have painted can’t possibly have been carried out by professional Russian spies. So Putin’s modus operandi is to purposely do something so simplistic and full of errors then later come deny it as silly western propaganda.

And this Putin strategy ties in very well even in Syria. You openly use chemical weapons then seat back and ask: but how can it be me and I’m clearly winning the war in Russia? Si dunia mnaona tu ni kuwekelewa nawekelewa juu I’m Putin and I’m from Russia na wananichukia? Si these western guys also have chemical weapons and they can very easily use those weapons in Syria as well?

Yaani swaying world opinion. Creating doubt.

And baldie from RT news asked the above questions numerous times: Why would Russia or Assad use chemical weapons and yet we are winning? Why would Putin be so careless?

What the Russians seem to have forgoten with this Skripal business, is that they were dealing with James Bond this time round and not Ethan Hunt. And James Bond is painstakingly thorough atakutafuta hadi apate hizo sura zenu: Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

Trump akisema it’s not Russia, or Putin, unasema “sir yes sir!!” Na unasonga mbele, ama namna gani papaa?

:D:D:D he’d better roger that.

juzi nilikuwekea link ya vile Trump anapenda Oprah Winfrey ukahepa like a madimoni into the dark night. You couldn’t support your argument that Trump is a racist. Hii hapa sio ya Trump mjamaa, Putin is just killing to shift opinions.

I actually used to like Putin. He is a benevolent dictator of sorts economics wise. Lakini power ndio hio imemwuingia kichwa akaanza kuota he can as well be the new Stalin, ruler of the universe!

Shiet kidogo kidogo ndio huyo ameingia Ukraine ati airudishe USSR! Sasa anaangalia Poland na ulafi. Ati ilikuwa yake zamani. Purging ‘state enemies’ like roaches with crazy poisons and concoctions.

Hizi tactics anatumia ati vifunga macho na sarakasi hajui zita backfire siku moja? Hata Stalin the invincible alianguka tu chini ati brain hemorrhage. Unfortunately all the surgeons that could save him were either dead or in prison for some political reasons.

Similarly even the likes of bush or Blair if they had ulterior agendas going into Iraq na wakaua hao watu wote, kiboko iko njiani.

Of course I ignored, juu kazi yako ni kutwist maneno to fit your narrative. Ukipata mahali nimesema Trump is a racist, just call me out.
Now, back to that story.
What has been said again and again is, he doesn’t condemn racism, anashangilia maracists zaidi…no wonder wanamwita mbaguzi wa rangi.
So, your argument of claiming that he’s not a racist, who knows, maybe he was a racist even then, only that his business interests forced him to endear himself to Oprah Winfrey, but his true colours were revealed in charlottesville.

Let them report their side of the story, CNN and other western news Channel do the same and as for you continue worshipping and kissing your white masters ass huko ‘majuu’

hehe so he is not a racist any more?! Well then thank you sir, it seems I’m doing a great job not only ‘twisting narratives’ but untwisting your twisted, silly logic about the man.

You can’t tell a story halfway, start from the beginning look at the history of the man then conclude he is a racist.

When the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were eating Trump’s contributions to black causes and even using office space provided by Mr. Trump, in those days he was a good man, a great man eeh leo ndio amekuwa mbaya sio?

When Trump employed huge numbers of minorities in his companies (and he continues to do so) in those days he was a good man, a great man…

When Trump housed Jennifer Hudson after her family was killed in those days he was a good man, a great man…

When Trump gave contributions to the Clinton Foundation and even to Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, BOTH CAMPAIGNS, in those days he was a good man, a great man… that was until he became president himself. Now today he is pure evil.

Youve got to hand it to Putin. He knows how to be a dictator in this day and age. But personally you cant blame him. He is a product of his own country. Russia has NEVER been a democracy. Whether you talk of czarist Russia, communist Russia, or todays Russia. Things are just not done democratically over there. Infact their politics is rather cutthroat… literally!

Lakini now he has begun to seek to restore the USSR in one form or the other and has begun interferring in places like Ukraine or Georgia. These are roughly the same things that Hitler did. I guess we will just have to wait and see if he has Hitler’s megalomania and may decide to go for world domination…

Would USA sit pretty if Russian and Chinese were to say “have joint exercises” with Mexican forces just at her border with mexico?
Cuba got worse than Ukraine for just wanting some missiles.

So, you mean to tell me, just cause he did all that then, whatever he does from there onward is not racism. Even if he protects racists and white supremacist, no, he should not be called out for showing a soft spot for racists, is that what you’re trying to say?
If he says to the world, those racists are good people, the world should ignore that and concentrate on his past, coz well, he cannot change into a racist, right?
What kind of an argument is that?


:D:D amepewa @patco akasema “Nyet!”… Suka America Blyat :smiley:

Democracy is a facade by the way. No such thing as a government which affords her people free will.

I also believe this… but there are different levels of democracy. On the one hand, you have countries like Putins Russia where if you challenge the president, you can easily get killed (look at the recent killing of spies in Britain), your wealth taken away (Khodorovsky) and such stuff. This is a dictatorship. On the other hand, countries like USA you can pretty much say anything there, challenge a sitting president without your wealth being taken and pretty much do as you please. It may not be 100% since we still have state secrets, there have also been assassinations etc but its is a very democratic country compared to Russia or China.

Mimi huangalia history ya mjamaa kwanza. Ujue Putin ni karao tu, NI KARAO TU MSIDANGANYWE!

Former KGB turned president. Not a philosopher in the styling of Lenin or Karl Marx or even Che Guevara.

Philosopher anafikiria a new THOUGHT. A new vision, a new concept. Na sio kitu alifikiria na siku moja. And when fully inplemented, that thought conquers the world

Putin ni karao tu kama boinet hivi with a background in intelligence. Alikuta kiti imetengenezwa, meza ineandaliwa. A mere reformer. Karao sio visionary design ya akina Stalin na Lenin na Trotsky. Those ancient fuckers were scheming devils. And the sheep (those who were being lead) in those days were not too educated either. But today most if not all the sheep are educated and exposed to matters. You can’t tell the Russians for instance to pick up sickles and hammers and go on a pogrom against Jews or other minorities just like that!

Halafu Russia is not as powerful economically as they were when the country was the larger USSR.

In 1989 the USSR had a crazy GDP of over 2.5 trillion dollars. Adjusted for inflation that’s almost like China today or even more.

The USSR had half the GDP of the U.S. at that time and almost matched them militarily. Today, even the state of Texas in the U.S. is far richer than Russia. Russia ni nuclear bomb imewashikilia.

Also, to have the vision to dorminate the way the USSR used to dorminate back in the day is impossible simply because capitalism won.

Russia’s markets are capitalist. And no matter how hard Putin fights it, one day the politics will also be democratic or a form of democracy. China similarly may be a Socialist state but the economy and the markets are capitalistic. And the writing is on the wall there as well. There is rumbling going on politically.

North Korea similarly appears to want to open her doors to the capitalist model. So, whatever Putin is trying to bring back, itakuwa ngumu ku implement in todays world.

Even Assad in Syria knows that Syria will never be the same again. The family business, the socialist country his father lead since 1971 and which he took over itabidi ameitikia democracy … OR they lead together with Putin forever! And leaders don’t like being told what to do. No one wants to be a puppet. And you can’t call it leading whereas a huge chunk of your population lives abroad.

hizi ni siasa boss. Kupakana matope. The democrats wanatafuta matope of any kind to get Trump. Matope yoyote.

In the other thread where mathighs posted a video of Obama giving some speech at a campus I’ve also posted a video from journalists who are saying what is obviously clear, democrats wamekosa mikuki so they are throwing Obama back in to the frontlines!

Democrats have no more arrows in the quiver! They can’t get Trump with the economy which is doing quite well, so what’s left : call him a racist of course!

That’s all they have for the November primaries. The red wave is too powerful.

And you keep ignoring the fact that Trump was a democrat for many many years. In fact he only rejoined the republicans in 2012.