Vivo y20

It costs 13,999 in jumia

This one falls in the class of entry level smartphones. From that site, read users’ opinions. Many times they say helpful things that may tell you whether it is a good or bad phone.

But, as for me, I would never advise a serious smartphone buyer to go for an entry level smartphone. Not at all!

People buy entry level smartphones due to budget constraints. FYI A VAST MAJORITY OF KENYANS USE PHONES BELOW 10,000

Budget constraints bro. Not everyone can afford a 30k+ smartphone.

I would trust the build quality and local warranty of Samsung A11 with almost matching specs and price.

User opinions wanasema usibui ii phone

Hii ni ya watoto wenye wametoka high school ama wanaupgrade from a Tecno ya 7k

Wah hio Samsung iko chini ajab. Can’t advise anyone to buy a phone with a TFT screen in 2020.
The Vivo has an IPS LCD, faster SoC, faster bluetooth, faster WiFi, bigger battery etc. If uko on a budget at least get the superior specs

You must be an avid critic,:D. Wewe ni wa iphone? Its not about being a serious buyer,im using a vivo nex dual display 1813 for over a year now,it being an entry level,has never run short on me. People go for names, sureity manenos, but others go for aesthetics and/or useability not forgeting the camera .

Do most Mediatek chips have overheating issues as they say?

It’s PLS TFT. PLS is Samsung’s naming for LG’s IPS.

My daily driver is A11. Great camera, and USB type C with fast charging, and being a power user, it’s a bang for the bucks.

Hii si ilikua flagship/concept phone ya last year, if I am remembering well? How many gbs ram? 6? 8? And the chipset? I believe it must have been snapdragon 855? Wow!

Aaai! Wewe @Tom Bayeye wacha mchezo, bwana! Hapa unatoshanisha gold and wood!!!


Snapdragon 460 is much better than snapdragon 450,

Snapdragon 450 has cortex A53 core which are slower, 460 use cortex A73 which significantly increase perfomance.

Dady to day Activities Y20 will be much better.

I dont know whats wrong with Samsung, A10 had cortex A73 cores, it went to break sales records worldwide, but now they choose weak soc in A11.

Interesting. Shukran hapo umenifunza. I read TFT and immediately remembered 2012 tech :smiley:

:D:D You don’t belong here. Your definition of budget is grossly skewed

Newer one dont overheat, especially those gaming soc like G70, G80, G90 etc

Hapo siezi jua chief. My phone ikiwa na joto ni saa ile nacheza graphic-intensive games otherwise zii. Charging is crazy fast,in five mins i can have charge to last me afte yote hadi nidoze


Redact the IMEI