vivo launches amazing v23 5G in Kenyan market

vivo smartphone has launched its V23 5G smartphone in Kenya, a photography-oriented device with features for selfies and a color-changing design and a high-performance 5G experience. vivo also launched v23 e, a midrange market targetted smartphone.

The V23 5G comes with a 50MP AF front camera and 8MP super-wide-angle front camera. The exterior features a natural yet standout look and feel. The innovative exterior combines vivo’s flat frame design with a unique body surface using Fluorite AG technology for an exceptionally soft feel. The V23 5G also features a special colour-changing exterior that changes colour under direct sunlight.

Demanding consumers, style-conscious trendsetters and high-performance photographers will find the V23 5G provides an ideal combination of design elegance, premium photography features and 5G performance for gaming as well as mission-critical and resource-intensive apps.

“At vivo, we strive to create the ultimate mobile experience combining innovation, cutting-edge capabilities and style for people who seek daring new ways to express their individuality. The V23 5G delivers exceptional camera capabilities in various aspects for stunning quality selfies and portrait s***s, while wrapped in a lightweight, elegant design that is fashionable yet diverse in appeal with its unique colour-changing surface,” said James Irungu Brand and Communications Manager vivo Kenya.

Samsung galaxy note 10 plus, which is selling at a similar price, is a greater beast and a better deal.

@LeVoyeur @Nyamgondho leteni maoni priss

Very good phones especially V23 Pro, Dimensity 1200 is a great chip…mtu kama @Pimp master general who wanted to throw money at the Gargabe Mi Note 11 Series with Helios should look at these.

As usual, the article’s target is bonobo. The only specs mentioned is camera nothing extra.