Vivek (The Fake) Ramaswamy

Here we go again …

I am now convinced this fellow is NOT after the Presidency …

He is smartly marketing himself for a Job in Donald Trump’s Cabinet …

And if Donald Trump does not make it in 2024 , Vivek will easily defeat Ron DeSantis in 2028 …
( Donald Trump will for sure not be running in 2028 - He will be in Jail ,!! )

This Indian is a low and very cunning , calculting MOFO … :blush:


Republicans Opt for an “Immigrant” Candidate… You Must Be Joking… They Would rather go for a Daft Jungu than embrace the Liberal Nonsense.


For the record
With the exception of First Nation Communities who arrived there over 8000 years ago …
ALL Americans are Immigrants or Decendents of Immigrants , Slaves and Refugees:blush:

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Amazing …
How the GOP have embraced a Racist , Mysoginist , Tax Dodging , Insurrectionist ,
Draft Dodging liar and handed him almost total control of the Republican Party …

The politics of hate , division , racism and isolation is about to take hold in the Land of the Brave and Free …

Interesting times ahead …:blush::smile:

His true talent may be in glib, attention-getting demagoguery. Seems like nothing serious comes out of his mouth and he comes out as insincere and shallow. He’s put his no-hope presidential campaign on the radar screen with his media ubiquity, and his willingness to go anywhere and answer any question. My sense is that he’s having fun out on the trail, and he hardly ever criticizes his supposed opponent, Donald Trump, who has openly welcomed Ramaswamy’s rise in the polls.

All in all, his attention to Conspiracy Theories and his reliance on The Fringe GOP Alternative Fact wagon appears not to hurt him that much. He will remain relevant in Trump’s 34% circles. Nothing to write home about,

This tells you a lot about the current pathetic state of the once powerful and very credible GOP.
Donald Trump maintains his solid 34% control of the Far Right and Lunatic Fringe of the GOP…
And it seems that none of his opponents can dislodge him from an almost certain GOP nomination …


  • He goes to Jail.
    The MAGA faithful say that they will still vote for him even if he does.
    All but two of his 7 opponents say that they are ready to pardon him.
  • He is barred from some State Ballots.
    Several cases are pending in Court but may drag on past the Election date.

For the first time in ANY Election I have ever witnessed , all but 2 GOP opponents of Donald Trump will not critisize him or his policies.
Vivek (The Fake) Ramaswami calls him the greatest president of the 21st Century …!!!

Why don’t they all just go home and hand him the Nomination …???
What a bunch of loosers … :grin:


GOP fascination with clueless candidates like Vivek is documented, maybe you’ve not been paying attention.:grin:

At this time eight years ago, Ben Carson — a neurosurgeon whose thoughts about politics and many other things were quite bonkers — was on a rapid upward trajectory; he even led the race for a hot minute. Four years before that, voters were briefly enamored of Herman Cain, who had been the chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza. Like Carson’s, Cain’s campaign sank in the quicksand of his own ignorance. Less recently, “outsider” candidates such as Steve Forbes were able to briefly capture the imagination of the GOP primary electorate.

As with his predecessors, Ramaswamy’s understanding of issues never goes deeper than the most glib sloganeering. In the debate, he said that “family, faith, patriotism, hard work have all disappeared,” so the country requires “a tonal reset from the top,” which apparently involves eliminating the IRS, the FBI, the Education Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Asked what he would have done in Mike Pence’s place on Jan. 6, 2021, Ramaswamy suggested that Pence could have wielded powers the vice president does not possess to reform the entire U.S. system of elections in a single day.

Were it not for Trump, the Republican electorate might look at Ramaswamy and say they’ve heard this before. But Trump convinced them that, in fact, you don’t need to know anything about politics or policy to be president. Many of his failures — including his inability to achieve much of what conservatives wanted — did stem directly from his ignorance and inexperience, as well as his titanic character flaws. But all those primary voters believe is that he won, he stuck it to the libs and he had an election stolen from him. :star_struck:

Eventually, even they will probably grow tired of Ramaswamy’s shtick. But four years from now, yet another candidate with zero political experience is likely to enter the Republican primaries, and chances are, GOP voters will be fascinated and intrigued all over again. Mercifully, candidates such as Ramaswamy are usually discarded sooner or later. But the years between 2016 and 2020 taught us what can happen if they aren’t.

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Hehehehehe …
You decribed Vivek Ramaswamy perfectly there …

The only Interviewer who pinned him down properly was Mehdi Hassan

The trick with handling Vivek Ramaswamy in an Interview is really simple :-

  • Dont ever let him talk over you or direct or take over the conversation.
  • Do not let him evade or deflect any question - that is often his behaviour when cornered or unsure of the subject matter.
  • He throws out a lot of false “facts and figures” in rapid fashion - fact check everything that he says.
  • YES or NO Questions are his real weakness because he has no room for rapid manouver or muddying the subject water.
  • Questions about Ukraine , Taiwan or Donald Trump and his fitness for the Presidency are his quicksand …

1/ Did Donald Trump win the 2020 Election…???
2/ Is Trump guilty of attempting to interfer with the 2020 Election …???
3/ Would he pardon Trump if he is convicted …??? …
If so , WHY …???
4/ How would he end the Ukraine / Russia conflict …???
According to him , Ukraine should hand over territory to Putin and not join NATO.
5/ Would he defend Taiwan if China Invaded …???
Apparently , he would … ( so why not Ukraine …??? ) .

This fellow is not serious …
He is just after a Cabinet position if Trump makes it in 2024:grin:


There’s no muhindi who even has the slightest chance in the land of Obama.

Ticket no Trump Ramaswamy (DonViv) mpaka Whitehouse. Lazima waingie liweliwalo. Sio sleepy Joe who has dementia na hako kamathe who can’t string words coherently

Msito Trump atakanyagaaa hio demented old dog kama mbrrrkenge. This time wakisanya civil war kananuka.
Long live MAGA destroyer of liberal homosexual value.

Vivek (The Fake) Ramaswamy is the worng Race and Colour as far as the Far Right GOP membership and Trump MAGA base is concerned …
That is the reason that no candidate of colour has ever gotten very far in the GOP.

**Notice : No candidate of colour , endorsed even by Trump , has ever succeded.
Could you imagine even a GOP House Speaker of colour …???
( The Democrats already have one in Hon: Hakeem Jefferies )

I agree but 80% of voters who matter don’t know that.

There were 169 Million registered Voters in 2022 in the USA .
So , Donald Trumps hardcore MAGA and Far Right Mob of 30-35 Million will never deliver Poll Victory.

He will require the Minorities , Evangelicals , Females , Undecideds and Young Voters who are not currently voting for the Democrats.

In 2022 , 41% of U.S. adults identified as Independents, 28% as Republicans and 28% as Democrats.

About two-thirds (66%) of the voting-eligible population turned out for the 2020 presidential election.
More Americans usually identify as Democrats than as Republicans.
President Joseph Biden scored over 80 million Votes in 2020 .

  • Democrats 81,284,666 Votes - 51.3% - 306 Electoral Votes.
  • Republicans 74,224,319 Votes - 46.8% - 232 Electoral Votes.

Recent polling has seen the GOP loose very badly over Abortion and Civil Rights.

Donald Trump’s mounting Legal and credibility problems will weigh very heavily as November 2024 approaches .

If the Democrats can remain united as currently and engage in constructive messaging to hold onto current gains , they will win in 2024.

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