Viva Casa Somalia


Somali is a shithole just like you are inbred goat fucker maragoli scumbag

Show me a furking tuna factory in KE or shut your shitting hole now

Kitui we produce mango juice .kumbaff


Mango juice nyeusi

And how do you compare a simple product like mango juice with tuna fishing, processing and canning? Somalia is industrialized

Do they wear gloves when packing?

:smiley: ama nikukula meffi ya woriah

@Bingwa Scrotum nitafutie petite kule Hargeisa.

Maragoli goat fucker processing fish is as simple as processing mango juice .
Refrigeration or salting even a class 8 kid can do it .you have a camel IQ

Bearing in mind they wipe their asses using fingers and wash with minimum water


Unapata samaki iko na taxin!


Musikue ivo bana

Somalilanders huwa wanakataa kuwa associated with the Muqdisho lunatics. So they are not Somalis

One somalia


Somaliland usually take every opportunity to distance themselves from Somalia. Like the recently busted international Somalian scam . They highlighted Somaliland doesn’t harbor criminals like Somalia. Same with piracy, terrorism etc
It is time the international community recognizes them as a sovereign state like Kenya has.

Somalia, Somaliland , sijui Puntaland. Which is which?