Vitumob really lost it

…when they removed their checkout browser extension.
This was really easy to use. You pay for everything all at once. Item plus shipping.
Now one has to create an account, ask numerous times on how to go about the process of shipping to their address after buying an item, wonder how they’ll know it’s yours because they failed to e-mail your suite number, realize there are no guidelines whatsoever so you have to resort to paying someone to do it for you since nothing is straightforward.

Just send your wife to do the shopping. Ordering stuff online minimizes the number of times your wife can go to the mall and do whatever it is they do there, and this increases the chances of violence, anger, and resentment in the house. Give her a Safaricom I&MnPrepaid card with 2000k afanye shopping ya nyumba :D, also add that Naivas gift voucher ulipewa as a christmas gift in December. Trust me, utapewa Kunyenye usiku mzima.
Otherwise wachana na Vitumob portal, they got their own Head of sales, Operations manager, Strategic alliances and plans, wewe kaa hapo umewakasirikia.