Vituko Hapa …
I wonder …
How Old is She … ??? :joy: :rofl:

Gosh, this looks like a kid


Kama Ako over 18. Napanua nipake jam na bb and you know what I do next

The juvenile will get pregnant before the end of this year


TIKTOK and other Social Media is full of them …
Shall we now ban TIKTOK … ??? :blush:

what business do you have here where there no hippos?

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there are probably swimmers in the vicinity…

It’s gay to pour inside a shaved head woman

Adipophilia, Paedophilia … next?

You are a pedophile

Tik Tok is just a communication tool; banning it won’t help. Other media will be invented. What is needed is ethical upbringing from home. People are no longer ashamed of shameful behaviour, that’s why they want to exhibit it on social media.