Vituko Uswahilini - East African Community Reloaded Here

I wish to welcome Tanzanians to this forum, its sad what your president has done to you, but who knows; as a result we have a true East African Community here - there is a silver lining on every cloud. I have been going through the forum and admiring your swahili, am sure we will learn alot of it and also that you will learn from us as we interact. Please note the following;

-Although you burnt our vifarangas, we have forgiven you and moved on
-Your music is good, although I rarely get the lyrics because of your deep swahili and local swahili slang. Maybe once in a while you will help me out.
-Once in a while please mtuoshe macho na mambo ya huko uswahilini kwenu…you have very beautiful women. Kama huelewi hayo, please learn from our ‘Sex and Relationship’ Forum. Sharing is caring
-Sioni warembo waliojisajili huku kwenye forum yenu(pink handles). I would be glad to know some to probably exchange notes with when am touring Tz in the latter part of this year.
-Your use of ‘chatu’ has reminded me of my elementary school swahili, its the last time I heard the word.
-There are all characters in this village, so as you interact with us, be slow to get angry…we will also accomodate your evil elements.
-Mkuu ni kumaanisha nini? Is it a word you use only on the interwebs or you can refer someone as such in ordinary conversations?

Karibuni wadau


Watz kusoma kiingereza lazima ule ushibe kwanza. Umetuandikia English utatulipa? Mmae

Talk to them, us in swahili if you want to get respond…

Then have a heart of steel pale utakaposhushiwa mapovu…

Cc: @Mahondaw