Vitu swafi

Nani anataka kukamua huyo kunguru ukimlipa 25k kwa mwezi unagonga Mali vinoma hiyo ni less than 1k per day:D:D[ATTACH=full]284898[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]284899[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]284900[/ATTACH]

@digi tunajua ni wewe

so it has now come to this?

Achukue Mia tano shot tumalizane

Siwezi lipa more than punch

Weka full body pics, passports pelekea Muteshi

:D:D especially hapo kwa expected salary, it’s the first item in the list.

In other words you want to employ a ‘wife’ with a definite wage.

Yani mtu akona kcse tu na ati anadai part time job yenye inalipa 25-35k… Women think just coz wakona shimo they can get anything

Makena ako wapi?its now a career where you expect to be paid 30k as a salary for some few hours indulgence. Quite expensive. The current generation of women have outrageous greed for money. Zero input and they expect more output. Such a person cannot hawk tomatoes to get little but clean cash, they will instead hawk there “temple of God” forever

:D:D Noma sana

Hahaha lakini hiyo temple of God hukuwa oxymoron sana… sacred but kila mtu anaingia hehehe

Meanwhile apa nyuma ya ploti,things have escalated. Kusafisha rungu na dem somali ladies

Hizo dera zinamezwa na matter core:D:D:D:D:p:p


Wale wamenyandua dem wasomali please confirm kama ndani ya dera kunakuanga na bra au panty. Anyway, kuleni na macho tu. One commonly known fact is that SIM 1 hakuna any. FGM amemalisa.

Wewe hujui kusafisha rungu ni nini

Nonsense bitches ain’t shit. so if she has like 4 guys she is making a cool 100k a month. What women don’t understand is the concept behind men whoring is variety. This doesnt look like a fruit salad to me.

kwani unataka nipost ikisafishwa:confused:

wanavaa but nyama ni missing in action,ni shimo tu