Vitu kwa Ground

Interesting times ahead.

Ni server. In Kenya the multiplication factor in 2017 was 1.4 to 1. In the US it’s 1:1.

You can’t make this shit up. By the way, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai claims to have invented email. Just look at his twitter and Wikipedia.

LMAO I can see the usual disclaimer even in your new favourite network. As long as we’re using disclaimers: I am possibly the queen of England :smiley:

Trump is launching his own FAKE NEWS network… that’s where the world is fvcking headed!!! Are you serious??? A network dedicated to misinformation and brainwashing…we’re doomed.

OAN? Really?

Yellow journalism on steroids.

Yeah ! ! !

A conspiracy theory mouthpiece? Hata afadhali kuquote Fox News, 0% Omera.

that’s a sellout