Vital App help

This HP Notebook was bothering me with constant freezing so I Restarted it(from Update and Recovery page)
It worked fine for some months. One morning, I switch it on and it takes ages at the Blue Screen immediately a PC is turned on. The previous day I’d used it without any issues, just the now occasional freezing.
Perturbed(an hour had gone by) I turned it off, chucked the battery and gave it time out. Turned on again, same result.

When it eventually worked, I refreshed it, then downloaded Windows 10-was using 8 previously.
I did not realize that by refreshing, I was resetting everything, including apps that it was purchased with.
That is where my problem(s) arise. Short of it, I lost Ms Office.
I have tried two versions of Office 2016 and 2013, but they won’t run, to eventually work.
And to think I had done the same(refreshed) to a Dell Desktop, brought in Ms Office and worked. I’m stuck.

Who can help?

kama ulinunua Ms office si uko na license key. Just re-enter it and it will be fine

You missed the part I said “apps it was purchased with”

IT being the Notebook

I have owned several laptops, Windows might come free but MS office has never been given out for free

All the Machines we’ve purchased have always had Ms pre-installed. Definitely by the dealer

fala hii hio MS ni trial version. After 3 months you will have to buy/purchase it. Same applies to the anti virus

Had the same problem of machine refusing to fire up on the morning of final project presentation. Turns out that if your local disk c is rarely cleaned then this problem is bound to occur

Dang! Didn’t know that

If problem persists, download and run tweaking tool. It will do you wonders

Glary utility pro does a decent job

Itabidi ulipie software ama enda piratebay ujisaidie yaishe

Torrents my friend torrents

How now? The last time i used any utility program i had a pentium 3 comp. If windows starts to fuck me up, i fuck it out by reinstalling; windows 10 is yet to fuck me up almost a year down the line.