Vita Against Weta Imeanza In Earnst



he he…eliminate y to find x

ukiona msalame amepotea Kenyatalk ako wira kwingine

Hehehehe. He must be a threat, na vile nilikuwa nambeba hivi hivi tuu.

mhundu khamundu!

Sa ndo umesema nini???


Good trial. But it’s Mundu Khumundu.

a trial is a court case…


Weeeeeh Mimi ndio Nilo break hii story…

Naona unapiga shemeji vita

uko Nailo kweli, kinywaji safi cha kuanzia Furahiday…

Then you are a robot.

trial (ňątra…™…ôl; tra…™l)
a. the act or an instance of trying or
proving; test or experiment
b. (as modifier): a trial run.
2. (Law) law
a. the judicial examination of the
issues in a civil or criminal cause by a
competent tribunal and the
determination of these issues in
accordance with the law of the land
b. the determination of an accused
person’s guilt or innocence after
hearing evidence for the prosecution
and for the accused and the judicial
examination of the issues involved
c. (as modifier): trial proceedings.
3. an effort or attempt to do something:
we had three trials at the climb.
4. trouble or grief
5. an annoying or frustrating person or
6. (often plural) a competition for
individuals: sheepdog trials.
7. (Individual Sports, other than specified)
a motorcycling competition in which the
skills of the riders are tested over rough
8. (Ceramics) ceramics a piece of sample
material used for testing the heat of a kiln
and its effects
9. (Law) undergoing trial, esp before a
court of law
10. being tested, as before a commitment
to purchase
vb, trials, trialling or trialled
(tr) to test or make experimental use of
(something): the idea has been trialled in
several schools.


Naona the joke is on somebody hapo ^^^. Sijui kama ni @gashwin or @ombudsman

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