Visiting Home!

How often do you guys visit home, visit your folks back home?

I remember there was a guy just before KLOST died had been in Nairobi for over 7 years and his folks had demanded that he visits home during the festive season and cater for it back home. It seemed he was terrified of going back home because in his own eyes he was a failure and he did not want his folks to know about his life here…

I felt for him because in earlier threads he had mentioned that he wanted to change and quit alcohol and stuff…anyway, I guess guys encouraged him to visit home and even one talker contributed to his fare home…Men, I miss that village.

Anyways, for you guys who came to nairobi or even ata mkaenda majuu, kumbukeni wazazi wenyu/Watu wenyu mlio waacha nyumbani. Its very important not just for them to be visited but also for yourself. Most of the times the quick city life can easily disorient you and loose focus on what the important stuff are…(Mnaweza jijazia hapa on that important stuff, its mostly clearer as you leave and on your way back to Nairobi)

Be happy people, plan a visit home today and again during Christmas :slight_smile:


unge summarize usema unataka fare,weka number ya mpesa


Pan tambua Christmas

Last December nilikuwa kwetu, kwa wazazi, this August nilikuwa Nyeri kusalimia guks, albeit for a day. Sikuwa nataka kwenda ni masa alini armtwist nikaenda. Guka was happy to see us and chickens were slaughtered in our honour. I wish I could go there more often.


I visit home at least once a month ikizidi 2 months. But we talk on a regular basis.
Most of the times I go with my son asikuwe mjinga wa Nairobi.


…Christ Mass is the most overrated event in the calendar.

Na ushago ikiwa south b? I make weekly visits juu ya watoi wangu wajue shosho na babu


Lovely bana…Never under-estimate the power of just a visit!, I remember back in the day when our Aunt would come all the way from Nairobi and visit us, ooh goodness the pride that I felt when my cousins visited, It was out of this world! I would shake with excitement!


Bike iko bana…labda nipitie unipatie kanyama!


I am sure your folks really look forward to that! Awesome!


I sent your brother with greetings alifikisha?

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Sometimes pia si rahisi kuonana na wazazi regularly.

Zilifika ndugu…I was waiting for you to do a thread on the ride! how was it? Kuna beshte flani hukataa kuride nasisi ndio aride huko. We have vowed to one day join that ride and teach him a lesson! :smiley:

True, lakini what could such a reason be?

I visit once a quarter, wacha nijaribu ku increase to once every two months

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Since I work with my father I see no point of gome home,last I was there was in 2013 Dec.

Twice a year si mbaya kwangu sabu i work very far from home

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Every month or after two months

@Mkufuu uliride na bro ya Templar? Hebu weka hio Checki Maneno thread, ako poa kuride?
When all is said and done, the happiness on my folks face nikienda nyumbani is priceless, halafu nikifanyia mom shopping ananiombea…no feeling comes close than when your folks pray for you. December LAZIMA niwe gicagi