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Rwanda signed a $44.3 million 3-year sleeve sponsorship deal with Arsenal in 2018. They made $88.3 million in Tourism directly from the deal in 2018 alone.

Rwanda yesterday signed a 3-year sponsorship deal with PSG.


Rwanda was criticized especially by UK when they made the deal with Arsenal ooh sijui Kagame is an avid Arsenal fan, ooh Kagame is dikiteta…whose laughing now?

How are they able to ascertain that the increased visitors are directly related to the arsenal deal?

Maybe their coffee will be official drink of Arsenal.

Shida ni hio pesa kufika kwa ground.

There was a jump in tourists coming from UK by 5% during that year the sponsorship was launched.

How much had they made in 2016 and 2017 we compare?

Kenia tuko BBI BBI BBI BBI aka BaBa Initiative