I am planning to attend a conference in Canada for 6 days. Today i received an outrageous email that my visa application was denied on the reasons of "Purpose of Visit and “family ties in Canada and in your country of residence”.
I am desperate to attend this conference because it is held once a year and in research industry, it is one of the opportunities to network with other researchers and academicians.
Have you ever been rejected? What was your outcome if you applied the second time?

following …hata kama sinanga passport

pole kaka

sijawai nyimwa juu sijawai pita horo horo :confused:

Kaa hapa…Hii mvua tunanyonya pamoja,hakuna kuepuka. sawa brathe

A Canadian visa is one of the easiest to get. Did you use a letter of invitation from the conference specifically mentioning your name? Is the conference legit? Is it recognised by the government? Have the guy in charge of handling international visitors write you a letter and take it with you to the embassy. The letter should state purpose of visit, arranged accommodation and that they find your participation vital to the conference. You also have to show them you will come back. For example, a wife or fiance, parents and siblings, property under your name etc Something that will show them you have a lot to lose if you choose to stay in Canada past your visa validity.

I dont think there is a limitation to a number of times you can apply. However, DO NOT forget to indicate that you got rejected and it is your second attempt at applying. I suspect you messed up your documents. Canada is easy, from visitor visas to work permits (have a few friends who turned down Canadian jobs despite being offered residency sponsorship by the companies seeking to employ them. Canada sucks lol)
Good luck.

Contact Miguna, he urgently needs some work.

Waliona wewe ni ile panya inaingiaga kwa nyumba na haitaki kutoka.strong family ties is what they use the most.Your idea of attending the conference meeting was too far fetched a reason to get into canada.the organizers should’ve given proof of accomodation and on your side is the upkeep of up to 100 euros or equivalent per day.Your bank account must have been the culprit “insufficient funds” baba

I got a US visa juu niliwaambia I need a visa for 4 days na nika insist 4 days I dont want to stay there an extra hour. Nilipatiwa visa ya 5 years but sirudi huko anytime soon. Nilienda 4 days na nikarudi.

hey inbox me need clarification on something

Waambie you are a member of NRM/MRC… and your life is at risk upewe political asylum

Your mistake was indicating 6 times, where you were supposed to state your “sex”


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He could have been refused visa to Canada :slight_smile:

Its not like you have been banned from visiting Canada unless they are categorical that you are an undesirable visitor, keep trying and ask for specific reasons for rejection of your application, it will help you on subsequent application.

Following too…ipo siku ya siku!

Bookmarks zangu zilienda wapi?

This guy didn’t provide enough information alafu anakuja kulalamika. Tuma mpesa nikusaidie kujaza form. Hiyo form you apply with information yote na extra just in case. Hiyo conference unafaa kuweka brochure webpage reference letter invite n kadhalika wajue wewe ni mzito

kama wewe iko jobless corner dont waste your time on it…

Canadian visa hua the easiest…just go through your applications again

Alas,the shock and pain of visa rejection. usijali. hutu tuvitu huwekwa na mzungu to remind you where you fall in the pecking order of things on planet earth: wewe ni third world, just in case you forgot.
Biko zulu alinyimwa ya U.K. akaandika a very bitter article. Hakuwa anajua hawatambui award winning Kenyan blogger journalist. These visa centers really cut people down to size. Hata ceo mkubwa huwa anapitia tu hapo kuulizwa hizo maswali. ndio maana hata akina raila hutetemeka wakiskia “you will be denied entry to our country.”

Na ukitaka kuishi hizo nchi just building a life of your own without disturbing anyone but without paperwork uliiza the likes of @Purple akuambie how that white man’s system makes you feel like a worthless thief. hata kama huibi. Utaishi na stress haikai. Hata ukiwa na greencard kwa trump nowadays you just don’t know what they’ll decide next.

But jaribu tena with those letters and hio proof umeambiwa ubebe. A letter from the conference ceo or another head could help. keyword here is COULD not WILL.