Visa paywave

Encountered this today and was shocked just to say the least…
So by simply placing your card in close proximity to the POS ni hivyo…
This thing can wreck havoc if you misplace your card wangwana kina kinuthia waipate…
Ata si kinuthia… Kunguru
Yaani no Pin no swiping inanusishwa tu na mareceipt zinatoka…
Aaiii… apana bwana!!
Have just destroyed the atm for my main bank account, hi kitu imenishtua

Am looking for one of these cards,which bank is that

ill stick to old style ya card na pin. this technology is feasible in 1st world countries where you have cameras all over and if you go to a store, unaonekana vizuri sana. Also their judicial and banking system is fair. Sasa na kenya je … yaani wacha tu …

nfc (near feild communication)? more common with nfc phones, that is how half of asian continent population pays their bills. hiyo itainvade kila mahali tu eventually.

Niko na ya ekwete na mi huitumia tu for online purchases. I load my account with the exact amount I need, nafanya transaction alafu narudisha hiyo card kwa kabat until further notice.

:oops:Wapi huko ?

theres a minimum purchase on the wave. hapana stuka ovyo ovyo.mine is set up in way that if at all its stolen and the person spends more than they should,i get a text

all banks have it,similar to samsung pay or apple,depends on your phone app i guess.NFC and shiet

Basically all banks hiyo atm ni ya cooperative bank looked at the rest of my cards ziko na hiyo icon ya paywave pia

Nunua RFID wallets,

A colleague of mine was swept almost 180k in Thailand over a 1 month period… Multiple purchases but card ilikua ya kampuni n the strangest thing he had the card on him the entire time

I’ve never understood why these cards never ask for a PIN before processing a transaction. It’s convenient to just swipe a card, but it’s also very dangerous. It’s almost like they endorse this kind of fraud.

some shopping outlets dont ask for pin. just a swipe.

they stole the numbers on the card. they are enough.

Nauza wallets with protection mechanisms for that, leteni order zenu

Panicking over nothing.
1.While all Bank cards are NFC ready(Visa Paywave or MasterCard PayPass) .NONE is NONE-enabled. You can try many times to swipe via NFC with a Kenyan card and it will simply not work.
I have tried and tested this with Google Pay and even on KCB POSes which are NFC enabled(for foreign cards that are NFC enabled), not even the KCB card responds. And Google Pay will tell you that the bank has to enable that feature on cards for it to work.The only bank with plans to support NFC soon is Loop.
2. Contactless payments cannot be done on a card in a Wallet.Even if it does not have RFID protection. This has been tested even by placing the POS on a person’s leg.That is because NFC more or less needs a direct and barrierless connection to work.
3. SMS alerts are enabled on virtually all bank cards in Kenya (except some Equity ones).
The so called Contactless payments claims are nearly all Online purchases or payment which only need your card number and the 3 digit at the back of the card (And you will still get SMS alerts ). Nothing to do with contactless payments.