nani ako na software.
kindly DM

Torrents my brother, torrents!!!

uko na besha shigana

uliza @Touchlyrics


hujapiga mtu ako nayo ngeta

Torrenting is an art, many try and the end up downloading files that prompt for password or codecs .I have been using torrents for a couple of years and most of the newbies that I introduce to torrents wao hugive up within no time.I always go through comments where available and prefer pirate .

tangu Piratebay ipotee siku hizi kama hauna common sense unaweza lia na torrents wa choo

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This response is for real men and women who saw creation, millions of years before P2P, torrents and bulletin boards with glitzy interfaces:

Then get this, install it and get a temporary account on a fast newsreader:


If you promise discretion, I’ll see if I can snag the file and send it via Sendspace.

lazima 7? what if nikusaidie na latest version 8.2 infinity …DMG ama exe

Natafuta Adobe lightroom full. pia if anyone can help. I’m one of those wana shida na torrents.

unashindwaje kutumia torrents?

tafuta hapa

bilaz my fren

nipe link deorro basi

ni kama site imemalaysia it was online a few hours ago

thank you sir it seems to be working I owe you two cold ones.

itakua poa…nitumie link ama WhatsApp +254707647959

imenimaliza braza…

unapata software ni 56 MB lakini Torrent ni 23 KB…unashindwa ata